Content Development Samples

Client: Unreal Candy

Background: Turn-key content created and delivered, ready to implement by client. Work included creative concepts, photography, food styling, positioning, and caption copywriting. 

Writing Samples

Client: Seventh Generation

Background: Product copy and taglines as part of my work with Seventh Generation. The project focused on a full rewrite of Amazon product copy and creating Amazon A+ Content with the goal of establishing a consistent brand voice that better tells their story and playfully educates consumers while remaining compliant with claims and legal counsel (and EPA, USDA compliant, where relevant). When it comes to plant-derived and better-for-you products, it's important to educate customers that they work just as good or better – this was top of mind throughout the storytelling efforts.  Amazon is one of their largest retailers and developing search-friendly copy that triggers consumer action was a top priority. 

Seventh Generation Amazon A+ Laundry Detergent Amanda Wormann.jpg

Product Copy Sample – Baby Foaming Wash & Shampoo

Bath time is for smiles and giggles, baby. Our tear-free shampoo and baby soap gently cleanses baby’s delicate skin from their teeny tiny toes to their precious little heads. Seventh Generation Coconut Care™ Foaming Shampoo and Wash is made with pure coconut oil and is pediatrician tested and clinically proven gentle on baby’s skin. Our formula is a USDA Certified Biobased Product 96% and is made with plant-based ingredients. Gently scented, safe* and effective, all without the use of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or formaldehyde donors. Gluten free, too. Splish, splash, baby.

Product Copy Sample – Free & Clear Tampons

There should be no question marks when it comes to your period. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Tampons with Applicator give you the leak-free protection you need without added fragrances, so your most sensitive skin isn’t exposed to unnecessary chemicals. Our tampons are made with soft and absorbent Certified Organic Cotton and are processed 100% totally chlorine free (hydrogen peroxide). By not bleaching or processing our tampons with chemicals containing chlorine we help prevent harmful toxins from entering waterways. These fragrance-free Organic Cotton Tampons are gynecologist tested, hypoallergenic and made for sensitive skin. And they’re free of synthetic rayon and deodorants, too.  

On average a woman will use 16,000 tampons or pads over the course of a lifetime. You read that right – that’s 16,000 intimate encounters with your most sensitive area, so knowing what’s inside those products is a big deal. For over ten years, we’ve been making comfortable and reliable Free & Clear feminine care products and voluntarily disclosing the ingredients we use to make them. The thing is, federal law does not require us to do so, but we think they should. That’s why we’re advocating for mandatory ingredient disclosure in feminine care products with the hopes that someday the entire industry will follow our lead. Until then, we’ll be fighting for your right to know while offering a full line of pantyliners, pads, and tampons designed for your peace of mind and protection –period.

Product Copy Sample – Baby Diapers

You deserve a fresh, clean start, baby. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Newborn Diapers are made for baby’s sensitive skin and contain 0% chlorine bleaching, lotions, or fragrances. Our baby diapers feature an ultra-absorbent core made from sustainably sourced materials that keeps baby’s skin protected and dry. The soft quilted liner is made with unbleached cotton designed to be extra gentle on new baby’s skin. But it’s not just baby that we’re protecting –we’re looking out for our planet, too. Our FSC® certified diapers (FSC® C115270) are made with sustainably sourced materials that help protect forest habitats and the animals that depend on them.  

Caring for a little human is a magical undertaking, and we’ve developed an entire line of baby diapers, wipes, and baby care products to bring peace of mind to your journey. Our full collection Free & Clear diapers, training pants, and overnights are designed to grow with your family. For every life-changing milestone, you deserve baby care you can trust.

Tagline and Product Blurb Samples:

Baby Care:

  • For every life-changing milestone, you deserve baby care you can trust. (Baby Care)

  • You're making moves, kid. (Training Pants)

  • Bath time is for smiles and giggles, baby. (Baby Creamy Body Wash)

  • We want to keep you soft and snuggly, baby. (Baby Moisture Lotion)

  • Caring for a little human is a magical undertaking, and we've developed an entire line of baby skin care products to bring peace of mind to your journey. (Baby Care)

Dish Detergent

  • Dishes should be odorless and clean after you wash them, right? We think so, too. (Free & Clear Auto Dish Gel)

  • Dirty pots, pans, and a sink full of dishes? Don't worry, we won't tell. (Auto Dish Detergent)

  • These packs are scented with 100% essential oils and botanical extracts – because real lemon smells good just the way it is. (Auto Dish Packs)


  • Clothes should feel cuddle and clean against your skin – and be good to it, too. (Free & Clear Laundry Detergent)

  • Powerfully clean, and wonderfully scented – just the way Mother Nature intended. (Laundry Detergent)

  • You won't find any fragrances around here. Our Free & Clear and Fragrance Free laundry products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested to be gentle on sensitive skin. (Free & Clear Laundry)

  • We believe peace of mind is a key ingredient to a clean, healthy home. That's why we design our laundry products with safety in mind and are proud to offer the first powdered laundry pack to be EPA Safer Choice Certified. (Laundry/EPA Safer Choice Certified)

Feminine Care

  • There should be no question marks when it comes to your period. (Feminine Care)

  • On average a woman will use 16,000 tampons or pads over the course of a lifetime. You read that right – that’s 16,000 intimate encounters with your most sensitive area, so knowing what’s inside those products is a big deal. (Feminine Care)

Amanda worked with us to develop product copy for numerous Seventh Generation categories over the course of a year. Amanda was a great team member, working seamlessly with our brand, claims/legal and eCommerce teams. She was quick to learn (and evolve) the brand voice, product benefits and compliance requirements to craft compelling product copy, and regularly jumped in to help write headlines or ad copy.
— Tay Olson, Creative Services Manager at Seventh Generation

Client: Timberland 

Background: An excerpt from a product-focused content piece for Timberland to promote a limited release product. Content stories and tone/voice were assigned. 

Limited Release: Autumn Leaf Collection

With fall’s signature warm tones and cool, crisp air, there is no better time to get outside and indulge in the adventures ahead. And if you’re anything like us, this time of the year has our minds wandering towards a fresh take on the modern trail.

Our limited-release collections are exactly that – fresh interpretations of our most iconic feats. First to drop this season is the Autumn Leaf Collection. Featuring a weather-ready waterproof design outfitted in warm, vibrant hues, Autumn Leaf delivers a bold take on our classic 6” boot.

The refreshing unpredictability of fall is what inspired the Autumn Leaf Collection – both in weather and adventure. The durable rubber lug outsole delivers dependable traction and durability, and the rustproof hardware and icy translucent sole give a nod to the cooler months ahead. Read more.

Additional Branded Content for Timberland

Client: One Percent for the Planet

Background: Program positioning and web copy for One Percent for the Planet's Food Impact Initiative. The purpose of this copy was to position the initiative and encourage campaign pledges.

Know your source.

As children, we learn not to take candy from strangers. But every day we eat food from people and places we don’t know, made with ingredients we can’t pronounce. Join us in our commitment to increasing transparency around what we put into our bodies by knowing the processes, ingredients, and environmental impact of the products we consume.

Changing the way food gets produced, distributed, and consumed may seem like a tall order. But the truth is, you can make a difference as one person. Your individual choices about what you buy and put on your plate create the demand for businesses to create a more responsible product.

Pledge to know your source.

Most food travels 1500 miles before landing on your plate. Cut your food’s commute by eating fresh produce grown by farmers in your community. When shopping at the grocery store, make informed purchases and buy sustainable food from brands that clearly label their ingredients and source. Demand for GMOs to be labeled loud and proud. More history, less mystery.

Amanda is a quick learn, a clear writer and a calm presence. She gets brand voice and how to simplify complex concepts into clear language. And so flexible, probably more than is reasonable, but she rolls with it and delivers service and great content throughout the life of a job, and then some. Amanda is a great asset to any team and/or project.
— Barbara Friedsam, Director of Brand and Marketing at 1% for the Planet

Client: Moonshiner Co. 

Background: Social media and social advertising copy samples provided as part of my past work with start-up Moonshiner Co. Solar Powered Mason Jar Lanterns.

MoonshinerCo_Point Pleasant_New Jersey_Amanda Wormann_3 copy.jpg
  • Charge by day, shine by night. Introducing Moonshiner Co. Solar Powered Mason Jars. (social ad copy)

  • Introducing Moonshiner Co. Solar Powered Mason Jars. 12 hours of light off of one full charge – just add sunshine. (social ad copy)

  • Soak up the sun and let us take it from there. Introducing Moonshiner Co. Solar Powered Mason Jars. (social ad copy)

  • Happy 100th Birthday, National Park Service. Our adventures have taken us to some pretty remarkable places – most of those were because of the natural beauty you have preserved. Thank you for protecting our favorite playgrounds. #NPS100 (social post copy)

Personal Work: The Huffington Post

Background: An excerpt from a story published to start a dialogue around sibling loss. The story 7 Life-Changing Lessons I Never Expected to Learn When My Brother Died was featured on the homepage of and generated 16K likes and 2.6K shares to date. Another version of the story was featured in print titled "The Empty Chair," published in the national magazine of The Compassionate Friends – the only magazine in the US for parents, siblings, and grandparents grieving the untimely loss of a child or young adult. 


Be vulnerable and live your truth. We need each other. 

In a time where we are carefully curating our life one filter at a time, it's easy to forgo our authentic self for the one we think the world wants to see. But it's our true self who can make a real connection and impact others. That's the stuff that matters.

Being vulnerable is scary, sure. But want to know what's scarier? Sacrificing our story for the doubters and critics. We are our experiences, and every piece of us was born from something that happened to us along the way. Tucking away the gifts we have to share in exchange for a false self is no way to live. The best relationships I've developed were cultivated in openness, sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. This vulnerability makes us human and reminds us that we are not alone in our journey. We all have a story to share.  Read more. 


Client: The town of Waterbury, Vermont

Background: The town of Waterbury was looking for help with existing (Facebook) and new (Instagram) digital footprints, with a focus on supporting tourism member-businesses like local restaurants and breweries. Work included social media strategy, sourcing user-generated content and developing supporting copy, creating owned content and supporting copy, and more. 


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