Our Story, Our Life

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Four years ago today, I sipped on a black coffee while reading my first words published to print.

It was the truest version of myself ever put to words and shared with the world on paper ー a day I remember vividly, sitting down at the same table seen in the background of this photo to write and reflect on the 10th anniversary of my brother’s untimely death. It was a moment created by myself for myself, an exercise in reflection through self expression that I realized I had to share with the world after writing because while these were lessons I had to learn on my own, they were ones I wish I didn’t feel so lonely experiencing on my own. I knew there were others who needed it. I knew this because I still need to read it, too.

Sharing became more important than the fear of vulnerability. And a month later, my story was read by thousands after living on the front page of the Huffington Post, and soon after that it was published to print by the Compassionate Friends. It’s the same story that continues to connect me with random strangers who no longer are strangers after finding comfort and normalcy through our similar but unique circumstances.

So go on and share yourself with the world – your truest self – because there are lots of us who need it.

If you or anyone you know has suffered the unbearable loss of a child in your family i encourage you to check out The Compassionate Friends and their 600+ local chapters across the US focused on transforming the pain of grief into an elixir of hope, and learning to live and love again.