Niching vs. Values: What's your guiding light?

Bowflex - Sample.png

People talk a lot about niching, but I'm a big believer in values. So when I started my business, rather than creating industry or service-based guardrails, I told myself: If I believe in it, I'll do it.

Following this compass has allowed me to work with brands I believe in on products I can stand behind to create work that makes a real impact.

When I took on Bowflex as a client, friends asked, "people still use those things for more than a coatrack?" The short answer is, yes. But beyond that, I believe at-home fitness helps people who 1. Live in a rural area and don't have access to a gym 2. Don't feel comfortable at a gym because they are just starting their journey, learning to be comfortable in their skin, and worry they'll face judgment.

So what does this have to do with the food you see here? My work with Bowflex focused on creating accessible food content to encourage better eating habits for their audience. Knowing we could make a real difference and health impact with easy, attainable, and delicious recipes made me proud of our work together.

How do you choose your work – what's your guiding light? If you believe in what you do, the dots will always connect.