Green Mountain Power Named Fast Company's #1 Most Innovative in Energy

Congratulations are in order for a former client and energy provider Green Mountain Power, named #1 Most Innovative Company in Energy by Fast Company.

Kingdom Community Wind /   Amanda Wormann

Kingdom Community Wind / Amanda Wormann

Green Mountain Power was one of my first clients in Vermont. When I told friends I was sticking around to do work for a utility company, it was immediately met with "but, why?" Recognition like this helps answer that question, shining a light on the utility shaking up the energy world. 

"If you want to go fully off the grid in Vermont, the local utility--Green Mountain Power--will help. In a first-of-its kind service, the utility offers an energy-efficiency audit, suggests solar and battery technology, and then charges a flat monthly fee. Those who want solar and battery storage but want to stay connected to the grid can also work with the utility, which offers products like the Tesla Powerwall 2 in monthly billing rather than an upfront fee. By adding batteries to individual homes, the grid gets stronger--in times of peak demand, rather than turning on an extra power plant, the utility can draw from the network of batteries and avoid emissions. Green Mountain Power was also the first utility to be certified as a B Corporation, meaning it meets rigorous standards for social responsibility." – Fast Company